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Luna + Quartz | Pink Moon Mask

Pink Moon, rich in antioxidants, vitamin c, and mildly exfoliating. Our Pink Moon mask will leave your skin feeling polished and glowing. Made with natural clays, ground Rosehips, and oils to tone and brighten skin. Topped with Rose Quartz to promote self love and strengthen the heart chakra.

How to use || Mix a tablespoon of mask with the following depending on what your skin is craving, let dry, and remove with warm water and wash cloth.

Honey || Reduces inflammation & rich in antioxidants 
Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil || Hydrating 
Floral water like Rose or Lavender water|| To balance skin, retain moisture, and soothe redness.

Ingredients: Rose Clay, Kaolin Clay, Ground Rosehips, ground Walnut shells, oils of Grapefruit, Lemon, Black Pepper, and Magic.

+This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. No claims have been made or approved by the FDA. Please research all essential oils before using if pregnant or nursing. We suggest seeking professional medical advice if you feel necessary.+